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    Homeda Kesar (Grade 1 Certifcate)

    Homeda Kesar (Grade 1 Certifcate)

    Our Kesar has been tested and certified by IIKSTC which is the pioneer of Saffron cultivation in India.

    Kashmiri Mogra saffron is considered the best quality Kesar (saffron) in the world. Homeda Grade A1 (Highest quality) saffron is bought to you from Pampore - holds the legacy of this extraordinary spice.

    Benefits -

    • GRADE A1 CERTIFIED KESAR SAFFRON ORIGINAL 1g - No additives, artificial colours or preservatives are used in cultivation or sorting of Homeda Kesar Original Kashmiri Kumkuma Puvvu Original
    • IDEAL FOR DAILY CONSUMPTION: Because of its cost effectiveness, Kesari is used for daily cooking. Kumkumapoovu for dishes such as Keser Phirni, Kasar Kulfi and Zafran Kesar Safron for Biryani
    • Kesor Kumkuma Puvvu Original is beneficial for everyone: Kaser Safran original contains anti-aging properties and is good for skin. Fresh & original kunkuma poove (jafran kesar original 1gm) is also good for eye and health
    • ORGANIC SAFFRON FOR SKIN CARE AND PUJA: Afghani Kesar Saffron Original is good for daily skin care. Premium Saffron can be used in face packs, uptans and infused with toners for skin improvement.